Domestic Issues

I have handled many Domestic Issue cases on behalf of my clients.

My primary focus in this area:

  • Identifying marital assets - for use in the division of marital property
    1. In a cross jurisdictional case of divorce where assets need to be identified, a formal Memorandum in English can be drafted for presentation in a foreign court. This Memorandum would be created by conducting research to track deeds and documentation, if they exist. Outlining in detail estimates of the existing assets (or assets purchased /sold/transferred) and provide tax values, market values, currency conversions to date of purchase/sale/transfer and current status of the assets. These memoranda are often used in foreign courts (often involves- research, certified copies, translations, evaluations, status reports, currency conversions, tax office research, photos and analysis of property holdings). Carried out by working with professionals such as Greek attorneys, notaries, accountants and certified appraisers, etc., depending on what is needed for each case.