What Makes Anna Different?

Several primary reasons: clear communication, accountability and security for your personal information, assets and property. Working with select, well seasoned, licensed professionals here in Greece to help you with your issues.

Why Choose Anna?

As a Business Consultant trained in the US and an active American attorney I can communicate clearly what needs to be done to help you through the bureaucratic labyrinth that is the Greek system. In the past, the requirements of the Greek State were more simplistic and fairly well defined. This is no longer the case.

  • There have been dramatic changes in the tax system in Greece over the past few years. Every tax payer must now be registered within the new computerized tax system and tax payers that reside abroad need a local representative in Greece to receive their tax notifications and be their local representative.
  • The new system in Greece requires specific filings for property that can impact every aspect of property ownership. New property taxes have been introduced and several new requirements specifically for property owners. The Greek State no longer distinguishes between those living here in Greece and those living abroad, and therefore one cannot claim that they did not know that new requirements and measures have been introduced. It remains your responsibility if you own property or have a right to property or assets to follow up and to make sure that the taxes have been paid, and the necessary requirements have been met.
  • Because Greece has an entirely different legal system than the US, Civil Law vs. Common Law, Americans or those from Common Law countries may find it even more difficult to understand the complex system in Greece. From capital controls to non recognition of Trusts, property owners can find the host of procedures and regulations daunting.
  • If you have a property that needs oversight, or if you need help meeting the new tax requirements, or help with: property sales, rentals, inheritance (foreign wills, trusts) valuation of property, liquidation of a property's contents, or international multi jurisdictional issues etc., I can be your local representative here in Greece to guide you. I work with exceptional Greek attorneys, licensed accountants and certified notaries. I have been consulting in multi jurisdiction cases with Greek attorneys helping bridge the gaps across borders for over ten years.
  • I understand how difficult it is to retain someone from a long distance and to form a trustworthy relationship. I am answerable to the Massachusetts Bar to provide professional services to their strict ethical standards.


  • I am here on site in Greece, accessible by email or phone to address all of your concerns. My office is located in downtown Athens.
  • I regard each client with particular care and interest. To me, you are not just a job or a number.
  • I provide detailed explanations of the process, procedures and requirements, once retained, so that my clients understand how I can help them, or what the Greek state requires of them.
  • I am willing to travel anywhere accessible in Greece to address my client's needs.
  • I can draft memoranda. If your issue requires a formal memo to be presented in a foreign Court (US, Canada, Australia), for purposes such as: declaring marital assets, or to outline aspects of Greek Civil Law, or to analyze the status of an estate, etc., I have provided numerous memoranda for my clients to be used abroad in foreign Courts.
  • I draft our my Powers of Attorney in English, depending on what Powers I need here to meet your needs. I then walk you through the process of making that document legal here in Greece for me to use.