Areas of Service

Regardless if you need help with property oversight, tax filings, sales, purchases, multi jurisdictional legal issues etc., - I can represent your interests and provide you with guidance through the often confusing requirements and systems here in Greece.


Handling all aspects of property issues here in Greece. Oversight, compliance, upkeep, tax matters, etc. Working with: licensed Greek Attorneys, licensed Notaries, licensed Accountants, Mechanics, Appraisers, Engineers and Architects etc., for whatever your property needs may be here in Greece. Providing local tax representation - to obtain "in-country" notifications from the Greek tax authorities to communicate any outstanding property taxes or obligations.


Here to walk you through the often confusing requirements in regard to inheritance in Greece. Some of the necessary steps require: identifying the rights to a claim, identifying the property (title search), acceptance of one's inheritance, registering of foreign wills, determining if a Greek Will exists, the process of intestate succession and the Greek definition of 'legal portion' rights, etc. See article "Will to Deed" under article page; this article gives some insight to the inheritance process here in Greece.

Tax Requirements

Assist in obtaining your Greek Tax ID (AFM). Registering you on the new computerized tax system and issuing the necessary access codes. Working alongside accounting professionals to determine tax status of property (ENFIA, ETAK, Annual income tax, E9s etc.), annual income tax filings, claiming of rental income, etc. Providing local tax representation to receive tax notices regarding any pending or outstanding taxes.


Addressing Conflict- of- Law issues when dealing with trusts in Greece (Civil Law vs. Common Law). Critical issues with recognition of trusts as trusts are not recognized in the Greek Civil Law system. If property located in Greece has been put into a trust, numerous problems can arise. The chain of title may be damaged or severed. Consulting with executors, trustees, and attorneys to work through the alternatives, though the best option is to request a consultation before adding Greek property to a foreign trust.

Domestic Issues

Tracking down and documenting marital assets for use in foreign courts (research, memoranda) and a host of other domestic issues. With certified appraisers for valuation and Licensed attorneys formal memoranda can be drafted for use in a common law court- reporting the findings.