Tax Requirements

Over the past few years there have been dramatic changes in the entire tax system in Greece. Every tax payer must be registered within the new computerized tax system and tax payers that reside abroad need a local representative in Greece to receive their tax notifications and be their local rep.

Some of the issues I can handle for you:

  • Acquiring a Greek Tax Identification Number (AFMI)
  • Registering as your local tax representative (Antiklitos), to receive notices from the tax office. Notices are not sent outside of Greece
  • Filing of Annual Income Tax Declarations (E.1, E.2) - based on one's income i.e. rents collected or if there was no income to report. Working with an accountant.
  • Filing of E9 forms - tax forms declaring one's property/property share(s) in Greece. These forms are used for the tax office to calculate one's annual property taxes, therefore accuracy is critical. Working with Greek attorney and accountant.
  • Representing your interests in any dispute with tax authorities- working with certified accountants and Licensed Greek attorneys.