In a country of constantly changing laws, procedures and requirements, competency and the ability to keep abreast of the latest changes in Greece, are key.

There are numerous procedures when dealing with property in Greece and depending on what kind of real estate transaction you are facing, for the most part, the work can be handled from here, through local representation and authorization.

  • Determine property values
    1. Objective value - or tax value set by the state. A numerical calculation based either on a number of key figures pertaining the property parameters, location etc., or on comparative data, depending on the area.
    2. Market Value - working with professional appraisers to determine Fair Market Values. Market value is affected by local factors such as location, condition of property etc. Additionally, the current country conditions impact property values.
  • Registering deeds under your name at the New Land Registry of the local title office
  • Determine tax status of property
    1. Working with licensed accountants to determine current taxes and any outstanding debts including: ENFIA, ETAK, Annual Tax Income Tax, E9s etc. Declared taxes from rents - taxes owed for inheritance etc.
  • Brokering/Selling Property
    1. I can represent you in any property transaction through a Power of Attorney (POA) specifically drafted for this purpose. Prepping properties for sales, holding the keys for property viewings, posting photos etc. Working with licensed attorneys and notaries to prepare paperwork for a property transfer. Gifting/sales/purchase.
  • Assist absentee owners with rental properties
    1. Property management, (painting, rehabbing), collecting rents, paying taxes, overseeing problems with unit or tenants. Posting notices and showing units to potential tenants. Working with accountants to declare rental income to tax office, and Greek attorneys to draft leases, evictions, annual income tax declarations including income from rentals.
  • Elderly relatives
    1. Additionally helping elderly relatives here in Greece with taxes, utilities, staffing etc. Helping with end of life issues, including funeral arrangements, expatriating remains- emptying properties of items either for sale (antique sales) or removal, inheritance issues.